5 Factors That Make Your Kitchen Renovation Successful and Smoothly Done

kitchen renovation tips

If you are going for a kitchen renovation for the first time it is important to the first plan. Here the designers turning kitchen remodeling in little rock affordable and successful shares 5 things that you need to consider to make your kitchen renovation go smooth and successfully done.

1.Take The Full Preparation

Kitchen renovation preparation depends on the type and the length of the work. The goal of taking this preparation is to ensure a smooth start. Things become easy when consulting with a contractor as they provide the time estimation.

But there is still some work to do to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. You want to provide your contractors with sufficient space to work. Hence, remove things that may create the obstacle even if it is you who is doing the work.

Start packing your dishes and kitchen items at least one week before the project starts. Move plants, photo frames, wall clocks, and any item that you don’t want to damage or create a hindrance to the work.

2.Protect Your Kitchen Floors

During a kitchen renovation, you or your contractor will be moving heavy objects and any mishap can damage your tiles. It is important to protect the newly finished hardwood floor especially if the flooring tile is installed before the renovation.

You wouldn’t want a heavy-weight load to put scratches and tears on your wooden or ceramic floors. Hence, it is much better to invest in a long-lasting protective coat or carpet if you suspect such mishaps.

3.Avoid Common Mistakes

There are times when kitchen renovation may not turn out to be the success that you desire. But, actually what goes wrong during a kitchen renovation? What troubles can you face in the pathway for a successful renovation?

The most common kitchen renovation failure is when there is not enough counter space to move and work, bad lighting,  and design mistakes of not making the proper utilization of storage space. But kitchen renovation must meet with the functional purpose of it. And, it is easy to forget about the main goal when planning the kitchen renovation.

So when planning the setup, the purpose and functionality need to be the primary goal of renovation rather than cutting costs. Make a mental note about the common obstacles that may crop up during the kitchen renovation project including extra costs.

4.Create A Realistic Budget

You have to create a realistic budget for running the complete overhaul of the kitchen smoothly.

Labor and installation are the most underestimated costs. Don’t underestimate the real cost of do-it-yourself cabinet installation as this can turn messier than you thought. Doing the demolition yourself can save money, but you must have contingency plans.

There are also hidden costs of custom cabinet finishes, so you need to put aside an amount in your budget. Hence, it is best to set aside at least 10% of the total budget as the contingency cost. This will protect you from taking out loans and avoiding debts in the long-run. 

5.Make A Wise Selection Of Your Financial Options

For homeowners, kitchen renovation, no matter how big or small, is never a splurge. After all, they say kitchen renovation adds the biggest value to a home for resale. The resale value is one of the biggest influences that leads to make a splurge in kitchen renovation. 

But not always a dollar spent translates into a great return. And also, you’ll only get back 54% of what you spend for the kitchen renovation, including faucets, replacing the flooring or countertops. That’s why think twice before taking out loans to create the dream kitchen. Avoid paying with a credit card because the interest rate is what makes you the victim of the debt-trap.

A small kitchen renovation doesn’t cost much, but the problem is when you decide to go for a complete overhaul. Ascertaining the hidden costs and do-it-yourself renovation failure as kitchen wall removal or when demolition goes wrong is very difficult.

For a complete kitchen overhaul, you must have the savings and the amount in your hand before you start. That’s the smart way to make your kitchen renovation go smoothly.